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Why? To develop is a verb and we can do this in a fun and light way. This journal allows you to gain (further) insight into the knowledge about yourself and others. 

This journal provides you with space to write down personal experiences and includes challenging assignments to encourage you
to discover your blind Spot, by exploring the 7 chapters: Reflection, Human, Bumps, Green, Square, Magnet and Invisible 

The content page can be found at the beginning of each chapter. We do not use page numbers, so feel free to start wherever you want. This journal is not intended to serve as
a (red*) thread, but a purple one to help you along. Just have fun trying to discover your blind Spot(s)! Oh, and in case you are curious: the journal consists of 240 pages. 

Both of us have been working in the world of design and concepts for many years, contributing to our own work as well as others. We have spent many hours in training, both at home and abroad, to take on the challenge of developing ourselves. And yes, that includes meditating for hours on a mountain in China, which (funnily enough) turned out to be easier than the daily, sometimes hectic life here in the West. We have been able to help many people in their personal development and wanted to create a tangible piece to continue helping others. With this journal we are able to do just that: challenging people in a fun and accessible way, whether they do this individually or supervised during trainings. – Mirjam Willaert and Veronique Schoots


Language: English

Hardcover: 240 pages

Publication: 1st edition, June 2021

Dimensions: 17 x 24 x 1,9 cm

Authors: Veronique Schoots & Mirjam Willaert

Publisher: Pulse to Move

ISBN: 9789081423434 

Price: €29,50 

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