Fascination for nature

Mirjam Willaert brought Skogsfloating to the Netherlands. She is fascinated by nature. And by everything to do with creativity. She uses this fascination in her company Pulse to Move, an inspiring place for successful professionals and innovative business concepts.

Kapellerput & SPARQzone

You can find Skogsfloating in the woods near Kapellerput, in Heeze. The restful estate is an inspiring place. There is plenty of space for work and relaxation both inside and outside.

Beste effect met SPARQzone

Skogsfloating can be used at various times as a start-up, in between or wrap-up. Depending on what goal you want to achieve with it.

Han Wijns, Develop2Create

Han Wijns, Managing Director Develop2Create over Skogsfloating
“As a trainer I use Skogsfloating as part of a coaching process for a management team. I guide this team in the development of a highly operational team to a more strategic and administrative management, because the company is growing enormously.

How and why?

Twelve floating "chairs" together form a circle, connected from the center. They are hidden in the beautiful forest on the estate of Kapellerput in Heeze.

Frank Mathues, Meetrix

Frank Mathues, eigenaar/trainer Meetrix over Skogsfloating
“Ik heb Skogsfloating onder andere ingezet met een groep ingenieurs en architecten. We hadden een tweedaagse training waarbij het eerste deel vrij structureel en binair was ingericht.